Today Im going to show you how to install Screennlets in Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I know I shoud of done this right after I posted “How to install Compiz Fusion” but I didn’t have alot of time and I forgot. I do not have screenlets installed in my system because of some difficulties, I just took the screen shots to show you guys.

What are Screenlets? Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications (written in Python) that can be described as “the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk”. Sticknotes, clocks, rulers, … the possibilities are endless.

The goal of the Screenlets base-classes is to simplify the creation of fully themeable mini-apps that each solve basic desktop-work-related needs and generally improve the usability and eye-candy of the modern composited Linux-desktop.

To me screenlets are cool small applications, like widgets for a Mac, for your PC screenlets. Although there are not a new thing there are helpful in some cases.  Also if you like to have a really good looking desktop you know have your PC pimp out.

There are two ways to install screenlets by Terminal and by Sypnaptic, GUI style

1. -Open a terminal. GO to Applications>Accesories>Terminal

2. -Now copy and paste sudo apt-get install screenlets type in your password if ask to.

3. -To enable screelets Go to System>Preferences>Screenlets

By Sypnaptic way

1. – Open Sypnaptic Manger Go to System>Administration>Sypnaptic Package Manager

2. – Once Sypnaptic is open type in the search box Screenlets

3. –  Once it finish searching (it should look like this) go head and check the first box if you want the documentation check both boxes.

hit apply and let Synaptic do its thing close it once is finished.

4. – To enable Screenlets Go to System>Preferences>Screenlets

Enjoy. Cheers!


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