Windows 7 Announces Final Released


Congratulations to the Microsoft Windows 7 Team because they officially announced the have reached RTM’d the final build was 7600.


The Release Date is set to be October 22nd 2009 but Microsoft haspre-order for half of the price, so if you are a Windows lover I will suggest you to break your piggy and go get you a copy, is only for an certain amount of time while in stock after that you will have to pay full price


I leave u here with a little video enjoy, CHeers!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Windows 7 Features!

As you know Microsoft has been working on their new OS “Windows 7”. Every body is expecting greats things from it, just like me, well here Im gonna show you two new features which I think they are relly good.

The first one is Aero Shake which allows the user to minimize all other none active windows that are place in the background by just shaking the application window. To bringthe desktop back shake the window again. Aero Shake can also be use to minimize all inactive windows to the Superbar.This feature is probably one of the feature to support mouse gesture by Microsoft. Here is a demo Check out:

The other feature is called Aero Peek which improves Windows 7 Superbar or Taskbar thumbnail previews and also allow you to view, close and switch between multiple applications by moving the mouse on top of the taskbar thumbnail. Watch the demo:

Source, this is in spanish sorry, Cheers!

XBOX 360 Succesor and Halo 4 Rumors!

According to a Microsoft insider the next succesor for XBOX 360 is in develop, AKA XBOX 720,  which it will be available in 2010. Wether that is the name they are going to five it I do not know I would like something more catcheee but we probably will not know until one year before its release.

Who does not like Halo I know I do, and for all those who love it like me Im sure they will be glad to hear that they are rumors of Halo 4. I been reading some articles where thay say that they name might be “Halo 4-The Brute Alliance” I really do not care what is call I would just like to play it right know, hahahahah. Apperently is going to be launch with the new Console, until this moment is apparent that Gearbox has signed the deal with Microsoft to develop Halo’s next big title.

Windows 7

Hello everyone I want to talk a little bit about the new successor of WIndows Vista, Windows 7 thats its working name also known as Blackcomb and Vienna.

Well since Microsoft let us know about their new OS Windows Vista we ,and I said we because I did, had big expectations for it but as we all know it let alot to talk about .Microsoft did not meet our expectations in many ways. Microsoft will will ship Windows 7 sometime in or near Jan 2010. Bill Gates has said that they want Windows 7 to be more user-centric, by this he means to have less trouble moving from one PC to another as far as applications and upgrades, it will also focus on performance improvements and stated that Windows 7 will not have the kind of compatibility issues with Vista that Vista has with previous versions.

They want Windows 7 to be Easier, More Secure, Better Connected and be at a low cost possible.

We will have to wait only two more years for Windows 7 to come out and see what Microsoft is really made of, hopefully it will not be another disappointment.

Compiz Fusion in Windows?

Have you ever imagine your Windows doing all that good stuff that our Ubuntu thanks to Compiz Fusion does, well I actually found this by looking for Compiz Fusion stuff looking for new plugins. Today Im going be talking about two applications that can make Windows XP/Vista a little bit interesting, they are WinSplit Revolution and Yod’m 3D.

WinSplit Revolution is a small applications that basically organizes your open windows by tiling and resizing them and position them for your best use.

Here is a little demonstration video is not the greatest thing but if you are someone that like to show off, like me, you will probably like this.

You can download it here give it a try and let me know what you think.

Yod’m 3D is a virtual desktop , a cube, it is not the first one to offer a cube but according to many people is one of the best ones

These are two cool applications I did have both of these in my PC but I got kind of tired of them and just uninstall them they were really cool and they make Windows more fun to use. You can change the wallpaper in each desktop wall and also change the background more like skydomes.

For more information you can go here. Cheers!

New MSN Toolbar

Few days ago, i was checking my hotmail account and since i have a MSN as my home page for Explorer, i saw this pretty cool looking tool bar, isn’t that special, but it will give your E7 a new look !

so here are basic requirements and I think it was design for Windows Vista, it also runs on XP

  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • A 500 MHz processor or faster
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32-bit Version only) or Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later (32-bit Version only)
  • 30 MB of free hard disk space


See headlines and features from eight popular MSN channels. Simply click on channel buttons to preview, then choose any link to explore. Stay connected to your friends via easy access to Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces.

Use the handy search box to find whatever you’re after. Get Live Search results even when you use another search engine, plus make specific MSN channel searches.

So all u have to do is to the link and run the wizard set up and you will be done!. Download here


How to install games on Windows Vista Business!

If you like to play the games that Windows Vista has for default but you have Windows Vista Business. There is a real easy way to get them. All what you are going to do ,if you want the games, is install the game folder in your PC.

1. – Click the Start button

2. – Click Control Panel

3. – Click on the “Programs and Features” icon

4. – Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off”

5. – Check the box by “Games”

6. – Click OK and you should be able to find them on your home folder.