Compiz Fusion in Windows?

Have you ever imagine your Windows doing all that good stuff that our Ubuntu thanks to Compiz Fusion does, well I actually found this by looking for Compiz Fusion stuff looking for new plugins. Today Im going be talking about two applications that can make Windows XP/Vista a little bit interesting, they are WinSplit Revolution and Yod’m 3D.

WinSplit Revolution is a small applications that basically organizes your open windows by tiling and resizing them and position them for your best use.

Here is a little demonstration video is not the greatest thing but if you are someone that like to show off, like me, you will probably like this.

You can download it here give it a try and let me know what you think.

Yod’m 3D is a virtual desktop , a cube, it is not the first one to offer a cube but according to many people is one of the best ones

These are two cool applications I did have both of these in my PC but I got kind of tired of them and just uninstall them they were really cool and they make Windows more fun to use. You can change the wallpaper in each desktop wall and also change the background more like skydomes.

For more information you can go here. Cheers!


26 thoughts on “Compiz Fusion in Windows?

  1. Come on, that doesn’t even come remotely, remotely, remotely close to the Compiz Awesomeness. Just install linux people, it’s not that freaking hard. records keystrokes, just an FYI.

    Nice c64 track though.

  2. RE: Ron

    Unfortunately cube desktop pro is dead, there has been no updated in over a year and the forums were recently pulled (No admin / developer had replied to peoples questions in months).

  3. hey gringo that looks cool enuff!
    i’m a n00b with linux and am currenlty tri-b00ting vista/win7/linmint7
    i liked the cude desktop for mint but i doubt how aptly it’l work in windows?

  4. just forgot to say an important thing, vista is damn slow to the core even with ‘n’ amount of ram.
    i have experienced more BSOD’s than my age since i got vista… and if someone ports something so unique like compiz fusion on windows vista then god save all windows fanboys coz its just not going to be that gr8 an experience!

  5. Well it all the depends on the system you have, I’ve been running it on a PC I put together my self and I love the way it runs (AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2GB DDR, Nvidia PNY 512 MB) Im not really exited but it gets the job done.

    Also Im currently quad booting Ubuntu, XP MCE, VIsta and Windows 7 on that computer so is not to bad I guess.

  6. It sucks in comparison to Compiz Fusion at Linux.
    I use it on Debian and Compiz is really, really cool!

    This is a piece of sh***

    Thank you for your attention.

  7. I absolutely love my ubuntu PC

    however, for my major, I am required to run a windows compuer. I guess i’ll have to settle for this :[

    I’m still all in favor of keeping compiz linux-only though :]

  8. A very needed revamp to an neverending OS like XP, but further proof of the failure that is the Aero concept in Vista. It requires ANOTHER program than Aero to do this!!! KDE4’s kwin includes it, most gnome-screened distributions ship compiz, and Windows 7 At Least uses Aero to shuffle windows around. Windows Vista… Funny name, because it has the worst “Windows” management AND the worst capabilities in the history of OS’s, the history of Windows and the history of Crap!!! No ‘Vista’ in ‘Windows’.

  9. It’s a pity Yod’m is not free. It’s quite nice, but does not benefit from most of the plugins offered by Compiz, which are fancy and useful. I tried all possible 3D/Tweak tools at the time but none could compete with Compiz, alas.

  10. Nimi Visuals can be the next generation effects for windows. It’s unstable mostly, but it does prove that Linux isn’t getting all the good effects only for itself;)
    Windows has bugs, big bugs, but I’m a windows developer, not a linux developer.

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