Download Free Music and Ebooks

Who does not like the word “free” I know I do, LOL. Well today I am going to share with you two of my favorites sites to download music and e-books. I, accidentally stumbled upon this sites a couple of weeks back. These two sites are great for those who want to upgrade their music and e-book library and do not want  to use torrents sites in doing so.

Mp3Boo (

This site has a good variety of music, you can easily browse through hundreds of many different artists, albums, tracks and genres to download your favorite music. If you search for a single track or a full album is likely you’ll find it. Its easy to navigate through and even lets you download a single track  or an entire album.    Check it out and let me know what you think. When you get to the download page uncheck the box right underneath where it says “Download” so it will send you to the other page where is actually going to let you download after you wait a couple of seconds, otherwise is going to make you download some sort of download manager.


If you love to read books whether at home, work, school  or on the road but don’t have enough money to buy an actual hard copy of them and you own a computer, tablet or phone well I think this site its going to be great for you. They have hundreds of e-books to choose from and are super easily to get them just search for a title and download it. They are in a .epub format so here are ways to open them “”


No More School

I know is been a while since my last post but it was for a good reason. When I started this blog I had two more years in college and as I was getting closed to finish school it was harder and harder to post anything, because of homework and other activities that I needed to do.

This past semester was my last semester in school, finally I after 20 years in school I was through with it. Funny story how it happened, about a week before fall semester ended I went up to my adviser to get my classes and get my schedule right when up to see him three time that day and the last time I sat down with him and he started to go over my classes that I took in the past when all of the sudden he was like “Sir” I said yes “You have enough credits to graduate” with all my excitement within me I screamed hell yeah. It was a surprise for both of us me and my adviser.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Im gonna do my best to add new posts to the blog and I will like to thank you guys for being patient with me and thanks for visiting the blog, is going to be pretty interesting this next months. Cheers!!!!!!

TV-Browser Online TV Guide Open Source

If you love to spend a lot of time on your computer like I do and you are not a big fan of tv but you would like to know what is playing well here is a soulution for you. TV-Browser gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged – like a printed TV guide. An internet connection is only necessary during the data update.


Here are some of its features

  • Electronic TV guide, open source
  • more than 500 TV stations
  • more than 80 radio channels
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, OS/2
  • Remote control of hard- and software.
  • Plugins, skins, icons
  • Free of charge, no ads

Before you can install this software in your pc you must have Java Runtime 5 or higher.

Is very simple to install just go here download it and install it, and that is it.

When it opens for the first time it will guide you trhough the set up just follow thrugh.


Is going to configure your network just click next if you don’t know what proxy is.

1 of 4Now it will tell you if your network was succesfully and its going to start looking and adding for channels.

Channels found

This is the part where is going to let you choose your country and what channels you want to add

choose channel

If you would like the pictures of the channels


And you are done


Cloud 1.0

Well I found this really interesting and I decided to post it. So far this is all the info that I could find out about it but I will update it from time to time. I think this is crazy can not wait for it to come out.

Browser + Operating System

 Combined simple design and sophisticated technology to create
Cloud, one of the world’s simplest operating systems for surfing the
web, email, and chat.

is a web browser plus operating system, enabling the browser to perform
everything that the desktop is able to perform. Since Cloud just boots
into a web browser, it’s perfect for Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices,
and PCs for pure Internet use.

will not be available as a web download just yet, but while you’re
waiting for us, we encourage you to learn about our vision of Cloud computing, where Cloud will be available, and how to be part of our private beta.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is an idea that what makes up your “personal computer”
– your desktop, your apps, and your data, – can live and run on the
Internet instead of on your hard drive.

our “Cloud” operating system, users can turn on their computers to a
web browser, and immediately start surfing the web, emailing, and
chatting. “Cloud” simplifies the experience of using a computer, by
moving everyday computing into the web browser.

Cloud can be installed and used together with other operating systems, or can act as a standalone operating system.

For More information about this please visit

A school teacher from US kicked out her student because she saw that her student showing away his HeliOS Linux to his classmates and giving away the free CD’s to his friends.

Searching through the internet is  fun an educative, well some times, but this afternoon I ran into this which I thought it was awesome  read it and let me know what you think it is a couple of days old but I posted anyways.

A school teacher from US kicked out her student because she saw that her student showing away his HeliOS Linux to his classmates and giving away the free CD’s to his friends. She also put her student into a detention. It seemed to be she is a total closed source fan.

Not satisfied with her action, she wrote a letter to HeliOS Distributer and complain to them because Linux is “not” a free software and not for distribute freely (Whooaaa! What do you think about that huh?). And she even said that she will sue him if this thing still continue. Here are the letter quotation:

Keep Reading.

Vuze 4.0

Vuze formerly Azureuz is here for torrents fans, Vuze has finally released their newest bittorrent client and it is awesome. For those who don’t know what Vuze is here is a little on it.

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a BitTorrent client written in Java. The BitTorrent protocol is a new way of exchanging or distributing data over the internet. Vuze is is not just a simple bit torrent client but also we can say video player because it plays movies and videos on HD resolution.

Vuze 4.0 has the easiest way to find, download, and play high quality and especially HD videos.

As you can see VUze has change its interface from black and blue to a white and gray, which is really cool and sleek I think. Here are some new features on Vuze 4.0

First, you’ll find a bug change in streamlined and redesign client. All the features you know and love are included in the new design.

Second, you’ll find new subscriptions functionally. Now, you can easily find subscriptions related to content in your library, in the Vuze Network, or create your own subscriptions using Vuze Search or RSS.

Third, for those who use private trackers will find that the powerful meta-Search functionality now supports logins with user ids and passwords. Now for those who haven’t yet tried the new Search, you should definitely need to check it out. And last but not least , they have made some real major improvements to Vuze HD Networks by making it easier to find videos that interest us.

If you are interesting in giving Vuze a shot here is a link where you can learn more and also download it Enjoy, Cheers!

gOS Linux

This is not a very old but not a very new news either today I want to tell you a little bit about gOS. An alternative OS with Google Apps and other Web 2.0 apps for the masses. Mac-like desktop with a series of program icons “docked” across the bottom. The icons are bookmarks to popular and useful Web 2.0 services from Google and other vendors. There are icons for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, for example, as well as Meebo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Sprinkled into the lineup are some non-Web-based apps, like Skype and Gimp, but the novice user won’t know, initially, which are local applications and which are Web services.

gOS has 6 versions

1.- gOS 1.0.1: which was the first version introduced on November 1, 2007, preinstalled on the Everex Green gPC TC2502 sold at Wal-Mart.gOS 1.0.1 fully supported the advanced Power management capabilities of the gPC TC2502, so the system could be put in suspend mode and after turning on again was ready in a few seconds.

2.- gOS 2-beta (gOES Rocket E): It was released on 2008-01-07, Good OS LLC a beta of the second version of gOS, called “gOS-live-2.0.0-beta1” and nicknamed “Rocket”. However this version did not seem to be a valid replacement for rev 1.0.1 as it was missing some essential functions, with some hardware in the system and with the easy “Add and Remove/Programs”

3.- gOS V2 Rocket (gOES Rocket G):this version would use the GNOME desktop environment, instead of E17. It was announced that this version would also be called “Rocket”, to be precise gOS V2 “Rocket”, (this version would also be offered to new gPC2 users)and would use the Avant Window Navigator system to create a dock to resemble the older gOS versions in looks and functionality. Until the launch of gOS 2.9 this version was not available as a Live CD, but only to CloudBook owners.

4.- gOS 2.9 Space: gOS 2.9 Space became available as a generic Linux distribution on April 7, 2008, is a tweaked version of Ubuntu using Compiz-Fusion and GNOME and is a debugged and extended version of the older gOS V2 Rocket G. It can be downloaded as an ISO.

5.- gOS 2.9M Escape Pod: As of July 2, 2008 Good OS together with Osram Sylvania launched the Sylvania g net book. Its similar to the original Everex CloudBook with more memory, and the trackpad and buttons have moved to the front of the device. the new system runs gOS 2.9M, a specially modified version of gOS 2.9 “space” based on Ubuntu 8.04

6.- gOS 3.0 Gadgets: About a month after a first beta version, the final version of gOS 3.0 was released on the gOS website on September 23, 2008. It features integrated Google Gadgets, and includes Wine 1.0 and Mozilla Prism, and is based on the newer Ubuntu 8.04.1. This version goes “back to its roots”, as it is intended for netbooks. The Avant Window Navigator’s dock-like bar has been removed again in favor of a more “lightweight” version based on LXDE and renamed the “Wbar”.[28] It is similar to the one used in the first Enlightenment-based gOS version. Currently only the main GNOME based version is available; the “Community Versions”, that use other window managers like LXDE, XFCE, or Enlightenment (E17) are scheduled for release by the end of the year. The gOS 3.0 Gadgets Live CD can be downloaded from the thinkgos site goS.