“Stackswithcer” New Compiz Fusion Plugin

Today I wanted to show you the creativeness of Compiz Fusion and I said this because everytime I look for something new to post, Compiz Fusion is the  first thing that comes to my mind. I find this new plugin is called “Stackswitcher ” is like a fusion of Switch Switcher and Scale Plugin.

It shows the windows open on the desktop in order in rows, which angle can be regulated ( I said this because I saw two videos of Stackwitcher and in one of them the angle was different than the other one). One advantage in this plugin is that it let you see all the windows at once. I have not installed this plugin in my Sistem yet but once I found out how to do it I let you guys know. Well I did my best to describe it but why don’t you judge for your self. Cheers!


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