Things To Do After Installing/Upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10

Check for Updates


It might sound crazy for you to do this but updating the system is necessary to keep the OS more stable and secure. Also its good to update the system or any application

before you use them.

Bring you command prompt up and type

apt-get update

After, you would have a lot of output so then type

apt-get upgrade

If you want to install the new updates available for Ubuntu type Y (yes) and hit enter and all done.

Ubuntu upgrade

Install Graphics Drivers

If you are into editing videos, play tons of video games or simply love to watch videos or high definition movies, whether on Youtube or from your own movie library it would be recommended to update your graphic drivers.

In order for you to  install graphics driver (s)

Go to Settings>Software &Updates>Additional Drivers

Let it do its thing , it will search for the latest drivers available for you hardware.

Install Media Codecs 

By default Ubuntu cannot play mp3s and other popular media content, this its sort of an inconvenient but, never the less, its an issue that can easily be resolve.

During the installation Ubuntu gives you an option to  check the  “Enable Restricted Formats”box to install all the necessary media codecs.

If you checked that then everything its cool but in case you forgot to do so you can install multimedia codecs directly from the Ubuntu Software Center or  by doing the following –

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Adjust Menus Position

The application menus in Ubuntu apps can be a little a bit confusing if you have many programs opened at the same time, do to the auto hide feature.

Install Unity Tweak Tool

Ubuntu comes with a nice looking theme but in case you would like to tweak it a little bit more you can install Unity Tweak Tool, It has more options than the default system settings. It allows you to change wallpapers, themes, icons, workspaces settings and many more.

Install Unity Tweak Tool from the Ubuntu Software Center

tweek tool

Installing Most Have Apps

Although ubuntu comes with many installed apps it does not comes with some of the most popular ones out there, out of the box, such as; VLC Media Player, GIMP, Dropbox, Chrome and Skype among others. If you would like to installed them all you need to do is open Ubuntu Software Center and simply search for your favorite application and install it.

Ubuntu Software


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