Giving a new look to your XP

I know that many people own Windows XP, and is pretty hard to really, really customized. One of the reason i believe, is because is made by Microsoft haha.

There are programs that would change windows borders, icons and everything on it, but in order to do that u have to have winrar or download themes from pages like that would make u pay for themes, so i find a better free solution !

Don’t get too exited this wouldn’t change your icon looks, but it would get u a better XP presentation. Here are some screen shots of my dekstop

cute-xp.jpg desktop.jpg

zune.jpg xp-vixta.jpg

If you are wondering if those are widgets use by MC well yes they are and they are available for Windows they are totally free and easy to use if you want to get the same exact ones that widgets-name.jpgI have you can go here: Widgets but first you need to download this Yahoo Widgets Engine

About the themes there are only two more themes made by Microsoft I believe which are Royale Noir and Zune Theme here are the links fir both of them

royale-noir.jpg zune-theme.jpg

When you get to the Royal noir link download the Zip file and after downloaded:

1. Extract the folder

2. And double click the luna.msstyles

3. Select Royal Noir and Ok.

About the Zune theme, is pretty simple, when u get to the link:

1. Click the Download botton and it would send u to another page, and there click on “download from External mirror”

2. After the Installation pack is on your pc, just dobleclick it, and then follow the instaltion instructions. And you are done.


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