Download Free Music and Ebooks

Who does not like the word “free” I know I do, LOL. Well today I am going to share with you two of my favorites sites to download music and e-books. I, accidentally stumbled upon this sites a couple of weeks back. These two sites are great for those who want to upgrade their music and e-book library and do not want  to use torrents sites in doing so.

Mp3Boo (

This site has a good variety of music, you can easily browse through hundreds of many different artists, albums, tracks and genres to download your favorite music. If you search for a single track or a full album is likely you’ll find it. Its easy to navigate through and even lets you download a single track  or an entire album.    Check it out and let me know what you think. When you get to the download page uncheck the box right underneath where it says “Download” so it will send you to the other page where is actually going to let you download after you wait a couple of seconds, otherwise is going to make you download some sort of download manager.


If you love to read books whether at home, work, school  or on the road but don’t have enough money to buy an actual hard copy of them and you own a computer, tablet or phone well I think this site its going to be great for you. They have hundreds of e-books to choose from and are super easily to get them just search for a title and download it. They are in a .epub format so here are ways to open them “”


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