What is it Like to be Blind?

I’ve been blind for two an a half years and a lot of people have asked me what is it like to be blind One thing that I can say is that blindness is pretty scary specially if you do not know how to deal with it.

Imagine your self having your eyes closed or wearing a blindfold the whole time you are awake. Every single task, even the simplest ones, turned to be real challenges. Some of  your independency goes  out of the window,   and if you don’t occupy yourself on something it could be pretty boring as well.

Blindness its not fun for sure but even if you are blind life keeps moving forward. In my personal experience as a blind person it has been a learning process full of complications and challenges but like the old saying, that I am sure we all have heard before, says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” A blind person can pretty much do all the things that a sighted person would, it might be in a different way and i might  would take longer to do them but we get them done also.

I can only thank God for giving me the strength to overcome and handle this test in my life also for my family, friends and church because they have helped me along the way.


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