The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

This post’s name is some what accurate, maybe, because that is how I feel right about now. Today is the first time I post anything in this blog since 2011, I’ve almost forgot what it feels like. If you are  asking yourself, what is this guy talking about? I’m going to share with you a little bit about what happened to me these past years, the reason that I haven’t post anything in such a very long time and why is it that I decided to start again.

I started this blog in 2007, when I was in college, back then all I did was chilin and going to class. This gave me lots of free time to research and post things here. After I graduated in 2011, immediately, I started working in the IT department at the college I’ve just graduated from. I worked there for almost two and a half years and had to stop because of health reasons. In 2008 I was diagnose with a brain tumor for which I was taking medicine to try to shrink it but it was abnormal and never worked. In March 11th 2013 my whole life was turned upside down. I had to have surgery to  remove it because other wise it could have killed me but, unfortunately, in the process  I lost my sight.

So are you completely blind? Yes, but thank God that I am alive, being blind is a disability like many other out there that prevents you from doing certain things you used to do in the past and the ones that you are able to do they become a real challenge but nevertheless they are not impossible.

In this blog I am going to share many different things on a variety of topics such as technology, music, life experiences among other things so I hope you guys will stick around for whats coming next. Please, if you have any questions, suggestions, opinions or wonders what ever they may be don’t be afraid to let me know I am all ears. Thanks, Cheers!


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