No More School

I know is been a while since my last post but it was for a good reason. When I started this blog I had two more years in college and as I was getting closed to finish school it was harder and harder to post anything, because of homework and other activities that I needed to do.

This past semester was my last semester in school, finally I after 20 years in school I was through with it. Funny story how it happened, about a week before fall semester ended I went up to my adviser to get my classes and get my schedule right when up to see him three time that day and the last time I sat down with him and he started to go over my classes that I took in the past when all of the sudden he was like “Sir” I said yes “You have enough credits to graduate” with all my excitement within me I screamed hell yeah. It was a surprise for both of us me and my adviser.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Im gonna do my best to add new posts to the blog and I will like to thank you guys for being patient with me and thanks for visiting the blog, is going to be pretty interesting this next months. Cheers!!!!!!


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