Cloud 1.0

Well I found this really interesting and I decided to post it. So far this is all the info that I could find out about it but I will update it from time to time. I think this is crazy can not wait for it to come out.

Browser + Operating System

 Combined simple design and sophisticated technology to create
Cloud, one of the world’s simplest operating systems for surfing the
web, email, and chat.

is a web browser plus operating system, enabling the browser to perform
everything that the desktop is able to perform. Since Cloud just boots
into a web browser, it’s perfect for Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices,
and PCs for pure Internet use.

will not be available as a web download just yet, but while you’re
waiting for us, we encourage you to learn about our vision of Cloud computing, where Cloud will be available, and how to be part of our private beta.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is an idea that what makes up your “personal computer”
– your desktop, your apps, and your data, – can live and run on the
Internet instead of on your hard drive.

our “Cloud” operating system, users can turn on their computers to a
web browser, and immediately start surfing the web, emailing, and
chatting. “Cloud” simplifies the experience of using a computer, by
moving everyday computing into the web browser.

Cloud can be installed and used together with other operating systems, or can act as a standalone operating system.

For More information about this please visit


One thought on “Cloud 1.0

  1. Mmmmm…

    Great post, but i’m not convinced by this Cloud stuff. I still use me laptop in “disconnected” mode and have frequently had to periodically reboot all routers i have ever owned to keep them up.

    Quite frankly, i don’t think i’m ready to dump all of my stuff onto the web just yet, the infrastructure just isn’t in place to support it.

    I would sign up for the Beta as i find it interesting, but for the reasons above i dont think i’d use it and therefore i’d rather someone else have an opportunity.

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