Install Vuze 4.0 in Ubuntu

Is been a long time since I posted something and I apologize for that but school has been really hard and I just have much time to post anything but I will do my best to keep posting things.

Anyways I talk about Vuze 4.0 before and in this post Im gonna show you how to install it in Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.

1. -The first thing that you have to make sure to have install is Java runtime.

2.- Once you have java runtime in your machine download Vuze, go all the way to the bottom to choose your system, unpack it whatever you want.

3.- To add the icon to Application Menu fo to System>Main Menu>Internet>New Item, then you do this.Type: Application, Name: Vuze, COmmand: Vuze.

4.- Finally if  you want Vuze, the little icon on the pannel, go to the unpacked folder drag and drop Vuze script to the panel. Enjoy!!! Cheers!


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