Compiz MPX

What is MPX? Well according to wikipedia MPX is  a modification to the existin X.Org implemantation of the X Windows System. MPX provides multiple independent pointers at the window system level. These cursors are all connected to one computer. Unlike many other multi-pointer applications and toolkits,  MPX allows many existing X Window applications to run unmodified, while still providing additional input features.

Now that you have a little ide of what MPX is you can see it in action with Conpiz Fusion which makes it more fun. Take a look at,

here is another link for another video I hope you enjoy it. CHeers!


4 thoughts on “Compiz MPX

  1. MPX doesn’t have anything to do with Compiz. It is an XServer extension that hasn’t been included in the xserver, yet. So you have to wait for the next release of your favourite distro.

    When it is there you just have to plug in a second mouse.
    You can have multiple people logged into your machine via VNC all having their own mouse- and keyboard cursors.. So many people can write into different windows at the same time. There is a video on their site where you can see this in action.

  2. This is awesome! I use VDJ (Traktor) programs and this is exactly what has been missing all this time. But please, I’ve read around, especially in the ubuntu sites, everyone is impressed, but no-one knows how to install or configure it? The basic instructions might be simple to a developer, but to me I’m lost the first time a download link is broken. Please advise.

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