New Windows 7 Features!

As you know Microsoft has been working on their new OS “Windows 7”. Every body is expecting greats things from it, just like me, well here Im gonna show you two new features which I think they are relly good.

The first one is Aero Shake which allows the user to minimize all other none active windows that are place in the background by just shaking the application window. To bringthe desktop back shake the window again. Aero Shake can also be use to minimize all inactive windows to the Superbar.This feature is probably one of the feature to support mouse gesture by Microsoft. Here is a demo Check out:

The other feature is called Aero Peek which improves Windows 7 Superbar or Taskbar thumbnail previews and also allow you to view, close and switch between multiple applications by moving the mouse on top of the taskbar thumbnail. Watch the demo:

Source, this is in spanish sorry, Cheers!


5 thoughts on “New Windows 7 Features!

  1. Looks like Micro-Sucks is stealing more and more of Leopard. I wish just for once they would ” Invent ”
    a good OS. cant wait till Snow Leopard comes out and pops a squat on Windblows 7.

    Also I really hope the Ubuntu guys get more PCs out on the market….. I would go full blown Linux before ever using MS Shit ever again.

    I’m a Penguin that loves Apples 

  2. Linux : –
    At least Windows have many good software and games. Also I don’t have to mess around learning a few command to setting my pc so it work well. And… Who said Linux more fastest? U can F*k urselft. Oh, do i forgot too mention it have DX, better hardware support!!!, CAN play any media files flawless.

    Mac OS : –
    I know, I not a rich brad like you guy, and I don’t have ‘culture’ and creativity, worn a expensive shirt… bla2 and ‘always’ steal someone idea… oh , I remember the Xerox… Urmm… Wow… When can I install Mac OS on other pc platform… without breaking law…

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