Upgrading from 8.04 to Ubuntu 8.10!

Today Im going to show you guys how to upgrade from your Ubuntu 8.04, for those who uses it, to Ubuntu 8.10. Usually after every new release of Ubuntu all that you have to do to upgrade to a next version was to go to update manager and there it will be the new upgrade,well not this time many of you will ask your self why not and the thing that I found out was that is because Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is a long term support release and Ubuntu 8.10 is just a regular release to me that do not make much sense but who am I to say anything ha. Other thing all the upgrades for 8.04 LTS to 8.10 are fully supported and are very easy to enable.

The Recommended, easiest and fastest way to upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 8.10 is through the Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Desktops, here is how!

1.- The first thing is to make sure that you have all the updates installed for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS . Go to System>Administration>Update Manager and installed all the upgrades that it shows. Ok with that done we are ready to begin

2.- Go to System>Administration>Software Sources

3.-Now once that window is open click for the “Update” tab and look for “Show new distribution releases” and change it to “New Releases” and just close it.

4.- Open to “Update Manager” go to System>Administration>Update Manager

5.- Update Manager is open click on “Check” button, type your password if propmted, to check for the new updates, and you will see a message telling you that there is a new available release.

Here are just some screenshot when it was upgrading you can see the progress on the update. I hope you guys find this helpful, Cheers!

Here we have the release notes.

Here you can see is asking you to start upgrading.

After it finish downloading, installing and cleaning up is gonna ask you to restart the PC.

This theme up here is not the final one but it was what they were thinking about as a new default theme for 8.10. If you would like to get this you can go here to look for it, it has GDM theme, icons, wallpaper, compiz etc… you can go here to check it out and get it  Intrepid Ibex Mock up.

After you restart the computer you will something like this

In my case I had another theme when I was upgrading it and when I restart my PC it did not change it to this one but I when to the theme manager and I found it, it should be the only new theme in there that you did not install. Well I leave you with these last screenshot I took. Cheers!


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