Vuze 4.0

Vuze formerly Azureuz is here for torrents fans, Vuze has finally released their newest bittorrent client and it is awesome. For those who don’t know what Vuze is here is a little on it.

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a BitTorrent client written in Java. The BitTorrent protocol is a new way of exchanging or distributing data over the internet. Vuze is is not just a simple bit torrent client but also we can say video player because it plays movies and videos on HD resolution.

Vuze 4.0 has the easiest way to find, download, and play high quality and especially HD videos.

As you can see VUze has change its interface from black and blue to a white and gray, which is really cool and sleek I think. Here are some new features on Vuze 4.0

First, you’ll find a bug change in streamlined and redesign client. All the features you know and love are included in the new design.

Second, you’ll find new subscriptions functionally. Now, you can easily find subscriptions related to content in your library, in the Vuze Network, or create your own subscriptions using Vuze Search or RSS.

Third, for those who use private trackers will find that the powerful meta-Search functionality now supports logins with user ids and passwords. Now for those who haven’t yet tried the new Search, you should definitely need to check it out. And last but not least , they have made some real major improvements to Vuze HD Networks by making it easier to find videos that interest us.

If you are interesting in giving Vuze a shot here is a link where you can learn more and also download it Enjoy, Cheers!


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