Hamster Time Tracking tool for Gnome!

Project Hamster is a simple but effective tool that adds time-tracking to Linux desktops. It helps you to keep track on how much time you have spent during the day on activities you have set up. Hamster will be included in the next version of the GNOME desktop. Hamster is a free download for Linux systems only.

If you will like to try Hamster I’ll show you how to do that

You can install Hamster with a terminal just open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install hamster-applet

To install Hamster with Source Repositories Go to System>Administration>Software Sources. Click on the Third-Party Software tab. Click add, and paste this line on the repositories

deb http://ppa.lauchpad.net/hamster.support/ubuntu hardy main

Close Software Sources and when it ask you to reload do so. Whenever you want to use the program just right click on an open are on the panel and Click Add to Panel and Select Hamster from the list and click Add. Right after you added Hamster to the panel, it will show No Activity, click on the text to bring up Hamster’s activity interface. From there on just type what ever is that you are or going to do inside the Activity text box and hit Enter to start tracking.

This is like the only video I found about it. its just showing the graphics but you can see the program it self.



3 thoughts on “Hamster Time Tracking tool for Gnome!

  1. Our Time Tracking process was a good one, but with http://www.hourdoc.com we suddenly found how much time and energy we had been wasting on things that could be done automatically and with much better accuracy than through manual data entry. They offer free application to companies less than 50 employees.

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