Windows 7

Hello everyone I want to talk a little bit about the new successor of WIndows Vista, Windows 7 thats its working name also known as Blackcomb and Vienna.

Well since Microsoft let us know about their new OS Windows Vista we ,and I said we because I did, had big expectations for it but as we all know it let alot to talk about .Microsoft did not meet our expectations in many ways. Microsoft will will ship Windows 7 sometime in or near Jan 2010. Bill Gates has said that they want Windows 7 to be more user-centric, by this he means to have less trouble moving from one PC to another as far as applications and upgrades, it will also focus on performance improvements and stated that Windows 7 will not have the kind of compatibility issues with Vista that Vista has with previous versions.

They want Windows 7 to be Easier, More Secure, Better Connected and be at a low cost possible.

We will have to wait only two more years for Windows 7 to come out and see what Microsoft is really made of, hopefully it will not be another disappointment.


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